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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buzzzzz is the Word... The Beehive Girls are making a splash!!

Here we are...The Beehive Girls blog! I love Tamara, she is so much fun! She is the creator of the Beehive Girls, owner of TC Artworks Inc. and huge motivator and inspiration for all woman-kind. (ya know, instead of "man-kind")

Tamara and I had an amazing dinner and a "Power Beehive Meeting" last night at Piola (in North Hills Shopping Center, next to Park and Market and the new Double-Decker Harris Teeter).  We ate the best Pizza, Creme Puff dessert with MOUNDS of chocolate, followed by glasses of delectable white and red wines and SUPER LAUGHS and High Fives! haha. Well, over this amazing meeting-dinner, we decided that it was time to branch out and do a Beehive Girls Blog. I was ecstatic and ready to get going. The brainstorming that we do is just ... WOW! Very motivating!

There is so much in store for The Beehive Girls! We hope that you stay connected with us and read more about what's coming. Our NEWest product is the Beehive Cocktail Napkins
 (This is the "BUNKO" Napkin)


We Also Carry:
and CUSTOM PRINTS (where you design your girlfriends!!!)

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Happy Beehive Shopping & Take Care of your Girlfriends!

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