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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are You Ready to Start your New Years off Right??

Ladies Ladies LADIES!! We need to be strong this  year! Strong for our Friends, our Family and for our FEMMES! 

We have compiled a mighty strong list of "New Year's Resolutions" for 2012 that will help you be a better person, a better driver (you'll see...) and a better friend! Let's Get Started!

#12  Take the Stairs. Period. See these Turquoise stairs? Yes, they are calling your name. Those scary stairs in your office building that echo and you can only imagine how many people have touched those handrails, yea, THOSE SAME STAIRS! This is such a great way to increase your cardio and leg strength. Um yea, you AND your daughter can wear those trendy skinny jeans now!

#11  Turn your Cell Phones OFF! It is certainly rude and disruptive when the person next to you (practically anywhere) is on their cell phone yammering away at the person on the other side talking about "personal things" that anyone in a 10 foot radius shouldn't really be eavesdropping on, but WE CAN'T HELP IT, when you are blasting your personal information to the open public. Please stop. Yes, we are all guilty. Another reason, we all need a darn break. Let go, Breathe! Turn it off and catch them on the flip-side.

#10  Eat In More Than You Eat Out. Have you ever thought about how much money you would save in a week's time just not eating out? What about taking it to the next level and not eating out every weekend. Those are big hitters there, tons of money being wiped out of your bank account going to fast food restaurants or even nice dinners with your girls. Let's think of alternatives....Try something like a meat and cheese platter at a girlfriends house instead of ordering pizza or Chinese food, or even worse a $50 meal at a fancy-shmancy restaurant. Try this website instead: Hungry Girl- Some of the most amazing delicious foods that you can find at the grocery store and most are either 200-300 calories or less!!! Say Whaaatt??? Now, go buy a cute apron and start cookin'!
#9  Show up on Time. Your Momma didn't like it when you were late, so your boss who pays your salary, sure isn't going to appreciate it, either.  Set your appointments 30 minutes prior to the actual time and go! Whether you use your phone or an actual datebook, set it up early. That way you are always on time. REmember that old saying, "15 minutes early is on time and on time is LATE!"

#8  Pick up the Phone and say... "I love you", "Pick up some milk", "Hello, How are you?!", "See you at 8pm for dinner". These are all typical texts we send to each other through out the day. That's just insane when not that long ago, we would have to call each other from the office or just wait to get home! Now, we just send a text and get mad when the other person didn't get it or for whatever reason didn't check it! That's the worst. Our voices are beautiful and, even better, our personalities are natural and God-given. Let them shine through your smile, pick up the phone and dial that 7 digit number and just call and say.... "Have a Great Day, Beehive Girl!"

#7  Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.  Take a trip on the wild side, Missy! Go out into the world and show 'em what ya got! Those pretty white teeth? Give them a smile! Not really a dancer? Sign up for a Zumba class at a gym with a friend.  All we are saying is, LET GO! Say "hi" to a stranger, however, do NOT go too far and sleep with him/her! 

#6  Turn off the Internet. Here is a good Rule of Thumb, turn off the internet by 10pm and jump into a good book! No, I am not kidding, you Facebook-stalker and Tweet-talker. Some Good Reads Coming up in 2012 written by virgin-writers.

#5  Specialize in the "Invisible Grip". For the one who's being looked at, it sends a message of acknowledgment, connection and attention.  Possibly empathy or even intimidation (channel Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc., who was notorious for given the ol' stare down... and got his way, EVERY time). Being seen is, on some level, being felt. 

#4  Leave Your Credit Cards at Home. Cut down on impulse buys when you leave your credit cards at home. Easier said than done, but possible and attainable. Financial freedom can be found when you start to see how much you spend on Starbucks a.k.a. "Four Bucks". Or when you take a trip to Target for just toothpaste and you walk out with um, I don't know... the entire flippin' store and a case of wine to drown your sorrows in. Shame shame shame we know your name!


#3  Bring back the original Hand-written Letter. Now you know that the Beehive Girls are all about writing your girlfriends on a regular basis. Especially when we have such a great selection of Note Cards to choose from. Check out our fun selection HERE! Just to take time out of your day to say "hello" or "thank you" is just priceless. From the heart is beautiful.


#2  Cut the Gossip. Tisk Tisk Tisk... stop talking trash about your girls! That is not how we treat women. Shame on us again for even thinking it, when she had the nerve to show up with him with THAT on! GAH! New year, New rule. No trash talk. Like Beehive Girl Darling Dede says, "If you can't say 'sugah' like you mean it, why you oughtn't say anything at all". 

#1  Start your Day off Right. What we mean is, you need to be best friends with Tony the Tiger and eat your Kellogg's with a banana and a big glass of Orange Juice. Take your vitamins. Lay off the coffee and drink Green Tea. Now, do this all the time, every day, BEFORE you go to work at 7:00am. hahahahahaha! Yea right... BUT it's a New Year with New Rules!

From all of us at Beehive Girls,
Celebrate the Power of Girlfriends!

and ...don't forget to give a stranger the stare down, but then a big smile afterward (so they don't think you are about to stick em' up!)

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